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This morning, at 2:20 AM, I was soundly sleeping when an ungodly racket woke me up. It was a text message from Verizon telling me that my account had been paid. While the notices help me keep track of my finances, WHY 2:20AM?

I have sent an email to Verizon pointing out the discourtesy of this. I look forward to there response.
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A happy new year?

2009 has been a sucky year for me and it ended no better.

For the last several months I have had a number of people tell me I looked like I had lost weight. I had not been trying to lose any, so this came as a surprise. I finally got on a scale and was surprised to find I had lost 32 pounds. While this is normally a good thing, I was worried. I went into the doctor, had some test done and had my fears confirmed.

I had two fasting blood sugar test done. The first one came out 306, the second was 276. For those who don’t know a fasting blood sugar should be between 100 and 125. The long and short of it is that I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Fortunately type 2 does not require insulin shots.

So now I am taking meds to help over come this and also under doctors orders to diet and loose weight. It does seem to be working. I was at 199 this morning.
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Awe inspiring and tearful

Right now I am watching a memorial for four police officers who were shot down in cold blood this last week.

The procession started at 10:00 AM at Fort Lewis Army base and only finished about an hour ago.

The ceremony is being held in the Tacoma dome, capable of holding 20,000 people and it is full of police officers, and firefighter. The main three television stations, as well as the local community station are all broadcasting it live.

I have never heard so many people being so quiet. There was no sound. At most events, after the National Anthem is sung there is loud cheering. This time the silence was defining. I have never heard that many people being that silent.

It is truly awe inspiring.
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Fading Light

I saw a news report that the Soap Opera Guiding Light had its last show today. It originally started on NBC Radio in 1937. it switched to CBS TV in 1952. That is 73 years. Wow.
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To Be or Not To Be, There was no question

This weekend Lydanta, Wolfcat, Gambit and I headed down south to Ashlan Or. "What is in Ashlan,Or" I hear you say.

Well there is the Southern Oregon University, some great shops, and good restaurants.

Oh did I mention the Oregon Shakespeare Festival?

This year they are running 11 plays on a rotating schedule in three different theater. One of the theater is based on a Elizabethan theater, similar to the one that Shakespeare would have used.

The trip started Friday night. We all got together at about 9PM and had dinner at a Mexican place in Tacoma. Once dinner was over we all loaded into Wolfcats van and headed down the road. Gambit drove the first part for the first several hours and then turned the wheel over to me. Because I didn't work that day I was able to sleep late and rest most of the day, so that I was ready to go late into the morning.
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After visiting with our friend and getting the tour of her almost 60 achier home, we headed north. We stopped for dinner in Centralia and got home about 9.

It was a good trip and I am hoping to do it again next year.
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How to feel better and worse at the same time.

For the last week or so I have been kind of depressed. Staying at home, not going out, etc. Today I said enough and brought out my bike. I went out to the foothills trail. I was able to ride past Orting before I turned back. All in all it was about 22 miles. It took me several hours but I wasn't trying to race. MY mood is better but now my legs are sore. We will see how I am feeling tomorrow.
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Going back agian.

Today was the first day of my 20th high school reunion. It was like being in a room full of strangers. Most of them I didn't recognize by name, face, or old picture. I did talk to some of them but I don't really remember any of them.

The picture on my name tag gave me flashbacks that I didn't want to remember. The only person there that I recognized was the daughter of my brothers boss.

I'm off to see if I can find my year book.